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Stone Home Improvements Carpentry and Joinery are a Tadworth Surrey based company. Working with a wide range of customers requiring a carpenter or joiner around the Surrey and the immediate areas, including Hampshire Berkshire Kent and London.

Stone Home Improvements cater for all projects including specialist wooden timber framed double glazed windows and other projects as demonstrated throughout the website. If you are looking for something specific we can cater for your bespoke needs.

Examples of carpentry and joinery solutions that we offer are;

  • wardrobes
  • book cases
  • storage display units
  • re-furnish staircases
  • replacement front doors
  • internal and external doors
  • uPVC doors and windows
  • replacement glazing
  • solid/engineered flooring
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • exterior soffits/fascias/guttering
  • whole house refurbishments

Carpentry and joinery are both construction trades.

In its most simplest and traditional sense, joiners ‘join’ wood in a workshop, whereas carpenters construct the building elements on-site.

When considering who would be best to help with a project, it’s worth noting that the skill in making construction components (such as windows, doors, trusses, stairs, etcetera) is in the joints – this is where a joiner is specialised.

Carpenters normally work on site, so their specialised skill is in dealing wood fixtures in the context of an ongoing job.

Common jobs for joiners include:

  • Making doors/ window frames
  • Creating fitted furniture
  • Building stairs

Common jobs for carpenters include:

  • Fitting floors
  • Fitting staircases
  • Fixing window frames
  • Installing cupboards and shelving

We spend billions on home improvements

homeowners spent a whopping £2,000 each improving their homes over the past five years, research found.

It means that collectively, some £40 billion was spent, according to research from the National Association of Estate Agents.

Redecorating, garden landscaping and new flooring are the most common costs.

The most expensive improvement is a new kitchen, with 27 per cent spending an average of £5,016.

Mark Hayward, NAEA chief executive said,

“There are many reasons why homeowners are improving their property.

It may be because they have realised the value and sale potential it can add, or they cannot afford to move and are looking to make the most of what they’ve already got”.

“He added that it is important not to make décor too personal, so it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible”.

“Your house will almost certainly be more attractive to buyers with some general sprucing up and cleaning, and improvements that create a sense of space, privacy and give a great first impression to increase saleability,” he pointed out.

“If you’re making improvements to add value to your home, it’s important to not over personalise the décor so it appeals to future buyers, and will allow them to adapt the property to fit their own needs.”

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